Dak Lak: Anti-state activist gets imprisonment sentence hinh anh 1Tran Nguyen Chuan at the court (Photo: VNA)
Dak Lak (VNA) – The People’s Court of the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak on March 19 sentenced Tran Nguyen Chuan to six years and six months in prison for the charge of “attempting to overthrow the people’s administration” under Article 109 of the 2015 Penal Code.

According to the indictment, in 2015, Chuan, born in 1967 and residing in Tan Tien ward, Buon Ma Thuot district of Dak Lak, regularly searched for contents related to the so-called “Chinh phu quoc gia Viet Nam lam thoi” (Provisional National Government of Vietnam) organisation which is headed by Dao Minh Quan on Youtube.

From June 2018 to March 2020, Chuan joined online meetings via Free Conferencecall (FCC) which were held by the “Chinh phu quoc gia Viet Nam lam thoi”. He also participated in organisations called “Quan luc Viet Nam cong hoa” (Republic of Vietnam’s armed forces) and “Lien doan hau due de III Viet Nam cong hoa” (League of third generation of the Republic of Vietnam).

On March 8, 2020, Chuan was promoted by the “Chinh phu quoc gia Viet Nam lam thoi” to the rank of Major in charge of office 3 of its general staff before being transferred to the position of assistant to the judicial military police command of this organisation.

Alongside, Chuan was active on the Internet by posting and sharing articles, links, live videos and videos on Youtube which incited people to join referendum and enter the “Chinh phu quoc gia Viet Nam lam thoi”. He also shared contents of parts of and the whole Constitution of the “Lien doan hau due de III Viet Nam cong hoa” on his Facbook account and posted links on the comment section. Chuan also distorted, defamed, slandered, and dispraised leaders of the Vietnamese Party and State in different periods, while popularising distorted contents of orientations and policies of the Party and the law of the State.

Chuan was arrested by the Investigation Security Agency under the Public Security Department of Dak Lak province on September 1, 2020 when his legal proceedings were also launched.

At the police office and the court, Chuan admitted his wrongdoings.

The jury of the court recognised that Chuan’s activities are extremely dangerous which harm the society and the unification in ideological platform led by the Communist Party of Vietnam, degrading people’s trust in the political institution of the State of Vietnam, and endangering the stability of the people’s administration, and violating the national security and social order and safety.

Chuan’s sentence was based on Clause 2, Article 109 of the 2015 Penal Code./.