Dak Lak encourages industrialised cattle farming hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: kncn.mard)

The Central Highland province of Dak Lak has encouraged investors in and outside the locality to invest in industrialised cattle farming in a bid to raise added value and ensure sustainable development of the sector.

Nine investors have over the past four years responded, pouring 21.3 trillion VND (952.5 million USD) in 12 animal farming projects.

Specifically, 1,500 hectares of land were allocated for the Sao Do Company to raise Brahman cows imported from Australia.

After four years of operation, the company has developed six farms with more than Australian 1,700 beef cattle and 100 calves, as well as hundreds of hectares of corn crops to be self-sufficient in feed.

Sao Do Company Director Dang Thai Nhi said the company aims to raise the herd to 13,000 beef and dairy cattle and 2,000 calves a year.

It will also construct beef and dairy processing facilities to meet the domestic demand, Nhi said.

Other investors such as the PhuocThanh Trading services Import-Export Company, TH True Milk Group, Hoang Anh Dak Lak Company, and the Duc Long Gia Lai Group JSC have also been offered incentives for developing large-scale beef cattle and dairy cow projects in remote districts of Ea Sup, Ea H’leo, Cu M’gar.

The Phuoc Thanh Company has developed a large-scale beef cattle and dairy cow project on 730 hectares of forests in the remote commune of Ea Sol in Ea H’leo district.

The locality has encouraged local enterprises to follow safe farming practice to provide hygiene products for the domestic market.

The province also aims to boost farmer-enterprise connections to enhance the effectiveness of the animal farming sector.

The sector expects to increase its production value by 7 percent each year by 2020.

Dak Lak currently has nearly 200,800 cattle, including 166,700 beef cows and more than 735,000 pigs.-VNA