The Central Highlands province of Dak Lak has taken a host of measures to prevent forest fires as the dry season has arrived.

According to the province’s forest management department, its units and local governments have put in place emergency response plans and constructed fire preventive works such as fire-isolating roads, warning signs and fire watching towers.

Forest rangers are also on duty around the clock while working closely with local authorities to spread the message among local populations.

The province also cements more than 700 forest development units and forest protection squads. It also persuades ethnic minority households living close to forest to commit themselves to obeying forest protection regulations.

Dak Lak currently has 507,274 hectares of forest, of which 300,000 hectares are covered by highly flammable tree species such as Dipterocarpaceae and bamboo.

No forest fire has been recorded so far this year.-VNA