Dancesport becomes popular in Hanoi hinh anh 1A dancesport club for kids (Source:
Hanoi (VNA) – Dancesport, which combines sport and dance, has become more popular in Hanoi and other major cities in Vietnam as it allows the dancers to improve physical fitness and mental well-being and is suitable for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, reported The Voice of Vietnam (VOV).

Dancesport entered Vietnam some years ago and has been spreading rapidly. In early mornings or in the evenings after work time, dancesport enthusiasts of different ages gather in the parks or public places to practice.

From these amateur groups, many people have become professional dancesport athletes of the Hanoi Dancesport squad. A number of dancesport clubs and training centers have been opened to meet social demand.

Vo Thanh Trung, Head of the Red Sun Club, told VOV “My club members are of all ages but a majority is youngsters. We have about 70 regular trainees. I’ve smaller clubs in Phu Tho, Viet Tri, and Phuc Tho and classes at offices.”

Over the past decade, many Vietnamese dancesport athletes have trained themselves abroad and participated in international competitions. They have won high prices at regional and international dancesport events.

“Dancesport is an active and modern sport. People worldwide and in Vietnam love dancesport and I encouraged my child to learn it. She loves it too and practices twice a week,” said Le Phuong Thao, whose daughter is learning dancesport.

Besides, dancesport helps the dancers to improve their physical and spiritual health.

According to Tran Van The in Hanoi, dancing helps middle-aged and older people improve their physical health and memory. The dancers have to count their steps and remember the moves. It requires harmonious coordination of mind, body, breath, movement, and music.

Dancesport coach Nguyen Dang Phuc said that an increasing number of people, including the elderly and youth, have been interested in dancesport.-VNA