The upcoming 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly will be a great opportunity for Hanoi to showcase its traditional charm and mystic, Danish Ambassador to Vietnam John Nielsen told the Vietnam News Agency in a recent interview.

He noted that the IPU-132 is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, conferences to be hosted by Vietnam, adding, “I am confident that the logistics and management of the conference is in safe hands within the National Assembly and the Government.”

Discussing the main topic of the event, which is how parliaments can contribute to turn the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into action, the ambassador said later this year the Millennium Development Goals will be replaced by the SDGs, which will set the orientation for sustainable poverty reduction the next 15 years.

“Against that background, the IPU meeting provides a good opportunity for parliamentarians from all over the world to discuss these crucial goals for the future, but more important to reach conclusions on how Parliaments can play an active role in implementing these goals,” he said.

According to the ambassador, compared to the MDG's the SDG's are more universal and do not only focus on the developing countries, but also includes commitment and targets set for developed countries.

He went on to say that in that respect Parliaments can contribute to translate voluntary commitments into enforceable laws and they can, as oversight bodies, hold governments to account for their policy choices.

“In that sense the involvement of Parliaments in the discussion at this stage is very important as the long-term commitment across governments is crucial for the success,” Ambassador John Nielsen said.

He expressed hope that the IPU-132 will lead to Parliaments around the world assuming more responsibility for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time, he noted that as Denmark attaches high priority to climate change, he hopes the conference can also contribute to further actions from Parliaments on this important issue.

“Thirdly, I have noted that governance has been included in the SDGs, so I hope that the conference will also focus on some key governance issues,” the ambassador said.-VNA