There is a small Dao Thanh Y community at the foot of Yen Tu mountain. People living here still promote the cultural beauty imbued with identity, becoming an indispensable part when talking about values of the intangible culture of Uong Bi City in Quang Ninh province.

In the spiritual life of the Dao Thanh Y ethnic people, women hold intangible and irreplaceable values. They nurture and preserve traditional cultural resources. The skillful hands of the Dao Thanh Y mothers and grandmothers are still diligently weaving needle and thread to produce colorful costumes.

Although the traditional costumes are no longer used frequently in daily life, they are still the pride of the Dao Thanh Y people and will be worn during festivals and traditional days.

Perhaps because of that, weaving and embroidery is not simply a profession but also a hobby and a joy in the lives of Dao Thanh Y women./.