Tropical storm Haima, the second of its kind to hit Vietnam this season, left 16 dead, four missing and 63 injured by June 26, according to the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control.

Besides causing human losses, the storm, which brought heavy rains, submerged over 10,000 ha of rice and other food crops in northern and north central provinces .

Right after flood waters receded, affected localities have taken urgent measures to overcome storm consequences, harvesting ripe rice and draining off water to save newly planted rice.

They have also sent cadres to remote areas to encourage and give support for flood victims and clean up the environment.

The central province of Nghe An is urgently repairing important roads damaged by flash flood and helping local residents repair houses and restore production activities.

In the neighbouring province of Thanh Hoa , all pumping stations are running at full capacities to drain off water from flooded fields.

Districts such as Nong Cong, Quang Xuong, Tinh Gia and Trieu Son have implemented measures to protect important dykes./.