The Prime Minister has approved the addition of 3.1 trillion VND (145.19 million USD) to charter capital of the Debt and Asset Trading Corporation ( DATC) in the period of 2014 – 2015.

Of the amount, 2.5 trillion VND (117.09 million USD) will come from the fund supporting the re-arrangement and development of enterprises and the rest from other regulated financial sources.

The DATC, founded in 2003, operates under the Finance Ministry in a bid to settle bad debts.

In 2013, the corporation's total revenue was 530 billion VND (24.09 million USD), including that from debt trading activities of more than 326 billion VND (14.82 million USD). It focused on negotiations with commercial banks to buy bad debts of mainly State-owned groups and corporations, and restructured five State-owned enterprises into joint-stock companies.-VNA