The Vietnamese Government has issued a decree detailing the implementation of marriage and family practices while calling for an end to backward ones.

Under the document, backward customs should be eliminated, including getting married prior to marriage age prescribed by the Marriage and Family Law, forcing or obstructing marriage due to superstition or ethnic and religious differences, and forbidding marriage among relatives out of four generations.

The new decree also bans such out-of-date practices as polygamy, marriage among people of the same direct blood line or among relatives within three generations, and high requirements for wedding gifts.

The Government asks relevant ministries, sectors, and People’s Committees at all levels to work together with the Vietnam Fatherland Front to build and implement policies and measures encouraging people to follow legal regulations on marriage and family.

They are also requested to intensify activities to popularise laws relating to this issue, thus helping people promote good practices and abolish backward ones.-VNA