The Government has issued a decree to complete the regulations on the employment and management of foreigners working in Vietnam .

Under new Decree 46/2011/ND-CP, foreigners who lose their working permits or their working permits have been corrupted or they have obtained a new passport or changed their work place can be re-issued with new working permits.

The new decree, which complements Decree 34/2008/ND-CP, also has regulations for foreigners coming to Vietnam to carry out projects.

When making tender document, investors must include regulations about employing Vietnamese workers, and foreign workers according to the law.

Investors must give high priority to hiring Vietnamese workers where the work is within their capacity.

If a project needs foreign workers with professional knowledge suitable to the project, the investors' documents covering tender procedures must call for a detailed plan on employing foreigners, including work positions, the number of foreigners, their qualifications and experiences and work time.

Chairmen of people's committees are responsible for steering relevant bodies to provide Vietnamese workers to foreign investors. /.