Delegates to the 11th National Party Congress on January 12 worked in groups to deliberate and make recommendations to the draft documents submitted to the congress.

The documents include the draft Platform on National Construction in the Transitional Period toward Socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011), the Socio-economic Development Strategy for the 2011-2020 period, the Political Report; a report on amendments and supplements to the Party Statute and the draft Party Statute (supplemented and revised) and a report reviewing the leadership and guidance of the 10th Party Central Committee.

Delegates discussed the overall evaluation of the Vietnamese revolutionary process; the targets and fundamental directions in the process of socialist construction and defence; and orientations for the development of the economy, culture, education and training, national defence and security.

They assessed the achievements, shortcomings, weaknesses, reasons and lessons drawn up from implementation of the 2001-2010 Socio-economic Development Strategy and the results of the 10th National Party Congress’s Resolution.

The delegates also deliberated on solutions to develop and reform education and training; directions for Party building in terms of ideological training, virtue, ethics, improving Party members’ quality, strengthening grassroots Party organisations, personnel planning of leaders and managers at all levels, and increasing Party membership.

While contributing suggestions to the national defence and security contents, delegates affirmed that strengthening national defence and security constituted a very important and regular task of the Party, State and the entire people, with the army and police being key forces.

On the development of culture, education-training, science-technology, environmental protection, and social progress and equality, delegates said the harmonious development of society-culture and the economy, and ensuring social progress and equality in each development stage and policy clearly demonstrate the preeminence of our regime.

Delegates asserted that developing and improving the quality of human resources, especially high-quality personnel, is one of the key factors for the country’s rapid and sustainable development.

Delegates Bui Duc Hanh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Can Loc district (Ha Tinh province) and Ha Van Hung, Secretary of the Ha Tinh Provincial Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, laid stress on the necessity to pay special attention to harmonious development among regions and development of a sea-borne economy should be included in the Political Platform.

For the long term, Hanh suggested that the economy should focus on shifting labour and investment structures, and continuing to promote the Party’s major viewpoint that considers people – the centre of the development strategy – as both the target and the impetus of development.

On January 13 – the second day of the congress – delegates will continue group discussions./.