Several online newspapers were careless in taking information from other newspapers, resulted in incorrectly reporting Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Bac Son's opinion on the restructuring of Vietnam Post and Communications Group (VNPT).
The comments were made by Mr. Nguyen Trong Phat, head of the Ministry of Information and Communications’ (MoIC) Office, the ministry’s spokesperson.
On June 12, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Bac Son had an online dialogue with readers on the government website on some issues of the public concerns.
The dialogue was broadcast live on the government website and some television channels like VTC1, Invest TV, VCTV 15. However, some newspapers incorrectly reported Minister Son’s answers on the restructuring of state-owned corporations and groups, including the Vietnam Post and Communications Group (VNPT). As a result, readers misunderstood that the merger of the two mobile networks - MobiFone and VinaPhone - is underway.
Mr. Phat said the correct contents of the questions and answers regarding the operation of businesses and groups under the MoIC’s management was published on the government website, as follows:
Hoang Ngoc (Hanoi): The MoIC recently released information on the direction for the merger of the two big mobile networks, MobiFone and VinaPhone. Could you tell me about the effectiveness of the operation of businesses and groups under the ministry’s management and the plan on restructuring these businesses?
Minister Son: Your question is about the itinerary to implement the Central Resolution No. 3 on restructuring state-owned enterprises, focusing on corporations and groups.
Under the guidance of the government and the Prime Minister’s Instruction 3 dated January 2011, the MoIC is fully aware of the mission of restructuring corporations and groups managed by the ministry, including the VNPT, which runs MobiFone and VinaPhone. At present, we have six mobile networks, including MobiFone and VinaPhone.
VNPT is a strong telecom group, which has famous brands at home and abroad. MobiFone and VinaPhone are also national brands, which have been known regionally and internationally. This is the pride of the telecommunication industry, of VNPT and of these two companies. The restructuring of corporations and groups is a needed requirement to make them stronger.
At the National Assembly meetings, many deputies praised the contribution of corporations and groups to the country’s social-economic development. They have become the key force of the state-owned economic sector.
The role of corporations and groups is clearly proven through their great contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and to creating jobs. They, especially telecom groups, have applied advanced science and technology to turn telecom services, for example mobile services, from luxurious into popular ones. However, like other corporations and groups which are in the pilot process, telecom companies also have weakness, besides strong points.
Thus, VNPT and telecommunication companies are also the subjects for restructuring in the coming time. However, the restructuring must be implemented in a certain itinerary.
As we know, after the PM issued the Instruction 3, the government assigned ministries and related agencies to compile necessary legal documents to implement this itinerary because restructuring corporations and groups is very important, which helps create the State’s “steel roundhouse” in the market economy and helps prove the role of the state-economic sector in the socialist-oriented market economy.
The restructuring of corporations and groups must be implemented very prudently, methodologically, responsibly and in accordance with the process.
The Ministry of Information and Communications is waiting for the PM’s decision because after issuing Instruction No. 3, the PM assigned ministries and agencies to design specific legal documents. For example, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for compiling the plan on restructuring corporations and groups. This plan was presented at the government’s meeting in March.
This plan, after being considered by cabinet members, is waiting for the PM’s approval and issuance of the decision on the restructuring of corporations and groups. Once the decision is issued, the Ministries of Finance, Planning and Investment, Labor – War Invalids and Social Affairs and related agencies will issue legal documents that are appropriate to the need of restructuring of corporations and groups in the coming time.
The MoCI has been waiting for the PM’s decision on restructuring corporations and groups and accompanied legal documents, to implement the instruction on restructuring corporations and groups under its management, including VNPT.
I hope that after restructuring, VNPT will be stronger, and also Vinaphone and Mobifone, to confirm their positions in the society and the telecom market. I believe that based on VNPT’s achievements, including Vinaphone and Mobifone’s achievements, they will better develop after restructuring and the people will further benefit from VNPT’s telecom services, particularly from Vinaphone and Mobifone, as well as from other telecom firms.
According to Mr. Phat, incorrect information reported by some newspapers has influenced the MoIC’ instruction in implementing the Central Resolution No. 3 on restructuring state-owned corporations and groups.
Mr. Nguyen Trong Phat said that the Ministry has not made any decision on the merger of MobiFone and VinaPhone. He also said that newspapers that release wrong information would be punished under the law./.