Demand for electronic products in Ho Chi Minh City has increased as much as 40 percent in the past few days because of hotter weather, according to traders in the city.

Bui Tan Cuong, marketing director of the Thien Hoa Electronic Centre, said that since the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, demand for electronic products, particularly air conditioners and fans, has increased by 30-40 percent over normal days.

He estimated that sales will double by the end of March or mid-April.

Le Xuan Huy, head of the marketing department at Cho Lon Electronic Centre, said the best-selling products are environmentally friendly and energy-savings air conditioners and fans that are sold at low prices.

To meet demand, electronic centres have increased their inventory, with Thien Hoa centre doubling its inventory.

Because of increased demand, prices have slightly increased.

Cuong said that the exchange rate between the Vietnamese dong and the US dollar has affected prices, especially on imported electronic products.

The prices of several products were up by 5-10 percent, he said.

Thanks to many promotions, the prices of other products have increased only slightly.

In addition, many centres have promotions, including free installations, gifts and discounted spare parts.

The dry season this year has arrived early in HCM City. For more than one month, the weather has been quite hot due to El Nino.

Experts said this year could be the hottest in HCM City in the last 25 years.-VNA