National Assembly deputies on November 6 debated the draft revised Laws on Land, Construction, Environment Protection, Marriage and Family and Health Insurance.

The on-going sixth session of the 13th National Assembly convened on October 21 and will last until November 30.

In the morning session, deputies listened to a report by the NA Standing Committee explaining supplementations and adjustments to the revised Land Law and gave their opinions on a number of related issues.

The opinions focused on the rights and responsibilities of the Government on land management, rights and obligations of land users, policies on housing and farming land for ethnic minority people, compensation policies of the Government when reclaiming land, land prices, land registration, the issuance of land use certificates, the settlement of land disputes and the handling of land-related law violations.

In the afternoon, the deputies listened to reports on the draft revision to the laws on construction, environment protection, marriage and family, and health insurance.

On November 7, the deputies are scheduled to discuss the prevention and control of law violations and crimes, and scrutinize the work of the Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the Chief Judge of the Supreme People’s Court as well as the implementation of the NA Resolution No. 37/2012/QH13 on corruption prevention and combat in 2013.-VNA