Deputies at the ongoing eighth session of the 13 th National Assembly debated the draft Law on Local Government Organisation on November 24, highlighting the principle of supervising power wherever it is practiced.

The majority of deputies agreed that people’s councils should be set up alongside people’s committees in every locality to ensure residents’ close supervision over power.

Referring to Article 111 of the Constitution, Danh Ut and Trieu La Pham, representatives from Kien Giang and Ha Giang provinces, said the 2013 Constitution provides detailed regulations on local government, which should be considered fundamental principles for the development of the law.

They vetoed a proposal to only create people’s committees without people’s councils in districts and wards, saying that this will violate Item 2, Article 111 of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City deputy Tran Du Lich supported the proposal to arrange local government at two levels, including the provincial and local level.

Deputy Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam, also from Ho Chi Minh City, suggested a three-level government body be maintained in rural areas, and a two-level government structure be implemented in cities.

She stated this is a great chance to revolutionise the organisation of the administrative system from the central level down to the local level.

Many deputies agreed that the bill should make good shortcomings of the Law on the Organisation of the People’s Council and People’s Committee after 11 years of implementation.

At the same time, the bill contributes to the realization of the Constitution as well as the Party’s policy to reform the organisation and operation of local government, thus enhancing self-control and the management responsibility and efficiency of local government.

This is also an opportunity to address the shortcomings and power overlaps of the current system as well as the cumbersome and inefficient state administration body. The allocation of roles, powers, tasks and responsibilities of local government, should be considered carefully, deputies said, in order to improve current overlaps.

Ho Thi Thuy, a representative of Vinh Phuc province, pointed out that the draft law had yet to specify the differences in power at each level of local government, thus failing to address the overlap and define the responsibilities of each level.
Additionally, the bill has yet to properly adapt local government’s differences in power and tasks to the natural condition, socio-economic development and management capacity of specific areas, including rural and urban areas, as well as islands.

Tran Ngoc Vinh, a representative from Hai Phong city, said more efforts should be undertaken to complete the bill and ensure its efficiency.-VNA