National Assembly deputies, experts from the United Nations Development Programme and the International Labour Organisation and media representatives jointly sought ways to reform the pension system at a conference in Hanoi on September 6.

The conference was expected to come up with recommendations on amendments to the revised Social Insurance Law, which will be submitted to the 13th National Assembly at its seventh and eighth sessions in 2014 for adoption.

Participants agreed that the vast influential effect, direct or indirect, immediate or lasting on every worker, makes amending the Law on Social Insurance extremely challenging as it requires clear-sighted vision and strategy.

International experience shows that reforming the pension system is tougher than reforming social insurance.

Forecast to face the fastest ageing population rate in Asia from 2020-2050, Vietnam needs to adopt an appropriate roadmap for pension reform to ensure the pension fund can be balanced in the long run.

Deputies and experts also talked about the current management and use of the pension fund, plans to improve the pension system, population structure and pension fund balance in Vietnam.-VNA