Lawmakers have shared the view that judicial officials are becoming more and more responsible thanks to professional training, resulting in fewer unfair cases arising in the recent past.

They made the point on the sidelines of the National Assembly’s ongoing session in Hanoi on November 7 to review how judicial bodies have worked over the past time.

Deputy Chu Son Ha acknowledged that the number of unfair cases has been shrinking, especially since a resolution on offering compensation to victims of miscarriages of justice took effect.

He also attributed the improvements to the fact that criminal proceedings now take place in a more democratic and transparent way.

Legislator Trinh Thi Thanh Binh from the southern province of Ben Tre said judicial officials must draw lessons from wrongful cases, adding that they must review all legal procedures to check if there are any wrong steps taken in the process.

Others argued that the Penal Code must be perfected while those in charge of investigation, inspection, prosecution and execution must hone their professional skills and make themselves responsible all the time.

According to the NA Committee for Legal Affairs, criminal cases have their verdicts overturned less often than civil and economic cases.-VNA