Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, Lieutenant General Vo Van Tuan hosted a reception on June 23 in Hanoi for General Nem Sowat, head of the Department of Policy and Foreign Affairs of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

Lieut. Gen. Tuan said as one of the key pillars in Vietnam-Cambodia ties, defence cooperation has helped each country build its strong army while thwarting hostile forces’ plots aimed to undermine friendship and solidarity between the two peoples and armies.

The two sides reviewed the cooperation outcomes between the Institutes for Military History of Vietnam and Cambodia, hailing Vietnam’s regular and productive support in training staff and providing equipment for the Cambodian institute.

In the future, the two institutes should enhance cooperation in personnel training and material collection, getting themselves ready for major events of the two armed forces.

Tuan pledged that the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army will create all possible conditions for both institutes to boost their effective affiliation, serving the study of history as well as security-defence of each country.-VNA