Deputy FM: Vietnam performing UNSC role well hinh anh 1At a UNSC meeting (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Vietnam performed its role as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) well in the first half of this year, contributing to creating an international and regional environment conducive to national development and bolstering ties with countries for the common goal of peace, stability, and prosperity, Deputy Foreign Minister Le Hoai Trung has said.

In a recent article, he further said that over 200 meetings at the ambassadorial level and hundreds of working sessions considering 59 agenda issues and adopting 81 documents are impressive figures posted during Vietnam’s first six months at the UNSC.

On the back of an external policy of independence and self-reliance, he wrote, Vietnam has actively joined and played its role in multilateral mechanisms, especially at ASEAN and the UN in its dual role as a non-permanent member of the UNSC and the ASEAN Chair 2020.

In his two messages on the occasion of Vietnam’s election as the ASEAN Chair 2020 in January 2020 and a UNSC non-permanent member for 2020-2021 in June 2019, Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong highlighted the need to consider it as one of the most important tasks of the Vietnamese Party and State in order to fulfil tasks assigned by the international community.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has also affirmed that Vietnam will do its best to perform its role as a UNSC non-permanent member well in an article written in June 2019. He also stressed that Vietnam supports multilateral cooperation in general and the UN and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in particular in an address to the online meeting of the 73rd World Health Assembly on May 19.

In a spirit of partnership for sustainable peace, Trung said Vietnam always observes the UN Charter and basic principles of international law; supports the seeking of solutions to regional and global disputes and conflicts via negotiations, considering the legitimate interests of the parties concerned; and stands ready to share its experience in national development and regional and global integration.

Vietnam offered two initiatives, he said, including holding a ministerial-level open debate on observing the UN Charter, which attracted the attention of representatives from 106 countries raising their voices, adopting the first Chairman’s Statement on the UN Charter, and organising the first meeting between the UN and ASEAN to discuss enhancing collaboration.

In complex cases, the country took a balanced and constructive approach, meeting the legitimate interests of parties concerned and the international community while protecting its stance and interests on important peace and security issues.

In coordination with Indonesia, Vietnam delivered joint speeches spotlighting ASEAN’s role and presence at the UNSC, especially at a time when it also assumed the ASEAN Chairmanship 2020.

Vietnam’s responsible contribution and stance on issues in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East have also been welcomed by the international community, he said, adding that countries listened to its opinion on the settlement of complicated issues in Iran, Hong Kong (China), and Rakhine in Myanmar, among others.

World media and scholars also offered positive feedback on Vietnam’s contributions to the UNSC, saying it is at the heart of global attention with its dual role this year.

Concluding his article, Trung wrote that Vietnam stays determined to fulfil its tasks, making further contributions to the UNSC’s common effort for peace, global security, stability, and sustainable development./.
Phạm Thu Hương source