The Government called upon authorities to provide support for migrants, especially those settled in poor areas, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc confirmed in a workshop in Hanoi on September 17.

The event was organised to address the challenges of increased migration within Vietnam, particularly from the north-western mountainous region to the Central Highlands, as a result of rapid urbanisation.

Incentives include the provision of farmland, water and accommodation for the displaced, as well as infrastructure improvements and poverty reduction schemes, Phuc said, adding that coordination between local authorities and agencies would be necessary to help migrants stabilise their lives.

He acknowledged that the trend was cyclical and inevitable amidst the industrialisation process, but that it had real socio-economic and security implications.

Bui Sy Loi, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs, proposed more investments be made in infrastructure and training in rural areas as well as adjusting policies on labour and income.

Chairman of the National Assembly Council of Ethnic Affairs Ksor Phuoc proposed the rearrangement of the population to eliminate sparsely-inhabited and poor areas in the North by 2020.

Vuong Dinh Hue, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission pledged to devise a plan to reallocate the workforce at the national level, whilst ensuring the country is stay on track to sustainable development.-VNA