The Van Don Economic Zone in northern Quang Ninh province will be built into an international trade point and a high-class tourism and entertainment centre to serve the development of the northern key economic region.

Under a newly-approved master plan, the 2,171sq.m zone is expected to accommodate 150,000 people and receive 1.7 million tourists in 2020.

It will house a tourist site, an international financial and trade centre, an environmentally-friendly industrial zone, a logistics centre and an agro-forestry and fisheries area.

The zone, which will be surrounded by an administrative centre and a number of office, service and trade blocs, will have a hospital, a school, a university and other infrastructural facilities.

The Van Don seaport, which will be capable of receiving 5,000-10,000 DWT ships, will be built on northeastern Cai Bau island.

Additionally, a highway crossing Cai Bau island will be built together with a road connecting Highway 18 and the Noi Bai-Mong Cai Highway at the Mong Duong and Tien Yen sections./.