Dia Tang Phi Lai Pagoda, established in Liem Son, Thanh Liem is gradually becoming the highlight of spiritual tourism in Ha Nam.

The pagoda is located in the forest at the foot of the mountain. The structure consists of the Three Jewels tower, the ancestral altar, Anathapindika altar, the Holy sage altar; residential area, lecture halls and guest houses.

The main hall is spacious and breezy. There lie the statues of Lord Buddha, Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, Venerable Ananda and Mahakassapa, and the four Great Four Kings, all enormous and sculpted from unburnt ceramic.

Many visitors know about Dia Lang Phi Lai Pagoda for the beautiful scenery, with the garden decorated with white stones, flower trees of numerous colors in bloom and goldfish swimming in clear lotus pond.

The pagoda was built in the 10th century, after the Siam conquest, prisoners were brought here to build the pagoda. Therefore, the bricks and tiles here have a clear Champa architectural style, which the monks in the temple preserve carefully.

Many artifacts were discovered naturally during the reconstruction of the pagoda, such as the statue of the Garuda bird, shoes tip tiles, lotus pillar foot, dragon shaped brick, phoenix plaques and many other ceramic objects.

These inorganic specimens date back to the Ly - Tran dynasty a thousand years ago. The Dia Tang Phi Lai Pagoda was rebuilt in order to provide a place for the spiritual life of the local folks.

The pagoda also organizes summer courses to help people achieve tranquility and happiness through meditation./.