To realise this target, the provincial People’s Committee has issued a plan to restructure tourism and develop it into a spearhead economic sector.

Dien Bien has long been famous for the glorious Dien Bien Phu victory in 1954, which played a decisive role in ending Vietnam’s resistance war against the French colonialists and led to the signing of the 1954 Geneva Accord in which France agreed to withdraw its forces from the colonies in Indochina.

Tourists to the locality are attracted to various local top destinations.

Dien Bien Phu Victory Relic Site is a must-see historical location. The site covers the whole Dien Bien valley, where battles between the Vietnamese army and French army took place in 1954.

Khoang Lake is located in the middle of the spectacular natural landscape of Muong Phang commune. In winter, fog covers the lake creating a fairytale landscape with high mountains hiding in clouds in the distance. In summer, the atmosphere is cool with wind from the south./.