The rich local culture and glorious history of Dien Bien will be honoured during an art performance taking place in north-western Dien Bien city on March 13.

Named Hoa Ban Khoe Sac (literally meaning Bauhinia (Ban) flower in the full bloom), the art programme is to kick off the Week of Dien Bien Culture and Tourism.

According to Deputy Director of the provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Nguyen Dang Quang, the three-chapter performance praises the culture and art of the various ethnic groups in the region.

It also promotes the Ban flower, a regional blossom that symbolises local culture.

About 600 performers will join a grand performance in the square in front of the province's Convention and Culture Centre.

Popular images of Dien Bien, including terraced rice fields and bamboo water wheels, and Thai ethnic music and dances from the hills will be replicated on stage.

The week will include a seminar where lecturers will discuss the promotion of the area.

A photo exhibition titled Dau An Dien Bien Phu (The Mark of Dien Bien Phu) featuring the stunning topography and charming villages has also been organised.

Indigenous culture will also be represented in souvenirs and handicrafts from the 21 local tribal groups.

Folk games are expected to attract many visitors. They include tung con, throwing a sacred ball through a ring, stilt walking, and tugs of war.

Ritual customs from the many different groups will also be a feature.

Regional gastronomic contests and a fashion show featuring traditional ethnic costumes will brighten up the event.

The event ends on March 15 with a glittering carnival featuring 15 colourful floats.

Alongside the famous historical site Dien Bien Phu, Dien Bien also has several famous sightseeing spots such as Muong Nhe primitive jungle, Hua Pe and U Va hot springs, and the Pa Khoang and Huoi Pa lakes.-VNA