In Nam Chua 1 village, Nam Nhu commune, Nam Po district, more than 10 local women have been reported absent for a long time.

Of them, only Vang Thi Chu, 17, has returned.

However, Chu’s mother and five older sisters have been reported missing for a long time for unknown reasons.

Police said in the first six months of this year, 12 women and children in Nam Po district were reported absent for a long time for unknown reasons, four others were suspected of being trafficked and five were the victims of trafficking cases.

So far this year, the police of Nam Po district have smashed three human trafficking cases, having arrested five traffickers and rescued two victims. Victims of the human trafficking rings are mainly women and children in difficult and remote areas.

 Nam Po district police said that in the coming time, more training will be provided for local police officers to raise their capacity in fighting the crime. In addition, more officers will be sent to localities to timely detect and prevent human trafficking.-VNA