Dieu Chinh Kien was seized by Dien Bien police while trafficking three bricks of heroin on June 14. (Photo: VNA)

Dien Bien (VNA) – Police in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien caught red handed a man trafficking three bricks of heroin (equivalent to 1 kilogramme) to the locality on June 14.

Dieu Chinh Kien, born in 1976 and residing in Tan Phong 2 village, Si Pa Phin commune, Nam Po district, was arrested in Nam Chim 1 village, Si Pa Phin commune, Nam Po district. He said he bought the drugs in the border area and transported them to Dien Bien province for selling.

A motorbike and other relevant objects were also seized.

Further investigation is underway.

Last month, local police seized a man for trafficking 10 bricks of heroin.

Dien Bien, sharing the border with Laos and China, is a complicated locality in terms of drug trafficking.

Earlier in January 2018, the drugs squad of Dien Bien brought to light a large drug trafficking ring involving a Lao national and 21 bricks of heroin (about 7.5kg), seizing two suspects.-VNA