The northwestern mountainous province of Dien Bien on July 30 held a workshop to share its experience in building the provincial REDD+ action plan (PRAP) on reducing greenhouse gas emission.

Dien Bien is the first province in the country to have completed and launched a PRAP with assistance from the Japanese Government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The provincial People’s Committee approved the plan, designed for the 2013-2020 period, on May 26 this year.

REDD+ aims to reduce emissions by efforts to curb deforestation and forest degradation while promoting sustainable management of forest, conservation and enhancement of carbon stocks.

Vietnam ’s mountainous provinces are being helped to build their own REDD+ action plans by JICA via the project for Sustainable Forest Management in the Northwest Watershed Area (SUSFORM-NOW).

Also at the function, Dien Bien launched a provincial forest monitoring system, which is an important part of its PRAP.

Under the plan, the locality aims to achieve 40,641 tonnes in annual net increase in carbon stock, raise forest coverage to 45 percent by 2015 while zoning off 6,555ha of forests in Muong Phang and Muong Muon communes for REED+ implementation.

The goals set for the next period from 2016-202 are 376,650 tonnes, 50 percent and 264,000ha, respectively.

The REDD+ action plan is built amid downgrading ecosystem and biodiversity in Vietnam . In 2012, the Government issued the National REDD+ Action Plan with the aim of bettering forest management and climate change resilience.-VNA