During the years of renovation, hostile forces have unceasingly implemented schemes and “peace evolution” activities to undermine the Vietnamese revolution.

They have used the so-called democratic, human right, national or religious issues as pretexts to sabotage the leadership of the Party and change the political system in Vietnam .

They have spread out false information and hostile views to attack the Party’s ideology, causing anxiety and oscillations in terms of socialist ideology and ideal of socialism.

In his article, Prof. Dr. Le Huu Nghia, Deputy Chairman of the Central Theory Council, pointed out that it is necessary to differentiate between hostile views and different (disparate, dissimilar) opinions to Party’s policies.

In regard to awareness of issues related to the Party’s guidelines and views and the State’s policies, it is not avoidable to have various opinions among the Government employees, Party members and people.

According to Nghia, this is normal. Due to diverse social positions, benefits, education levels and experiences, people have different approaches to the Party’s guidelines and views. However, it must understand that are diverse opinions among people and not regard them as hostile attitude, he said.

In the renovation cause, the Party encourages new thoughts to seek innovations and create new ideas. The Party and State ask for new ideas or breakthroughs in theories, programmes or scientific research. New thoughts are usually beyond old perceptions or existing views and guidelines.

Nghia pointed out differences between “wrong, hostile views” and other opinions that are dissimilar to the Party’s policies.

Hostile forces and political opportunists raise erroneous, hostile views to attack the Party, negating the Party’s leadership role and criticise the socialist government structure, denying the path to socialism, he explained.

There are opinions raised by officials, Party members and people that are disagreed with some of the Party’s policies, he said, adding that at a certain time, the views are to build or contribute to the Party and State for better leadership and management.

Incorrect, hostile outlooks have flatly denied main contents and core points in the Party’s political platform as well as refused the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam with a view to overthrowing the socialism and changing the political system in Vietnam , he affirmed.

Hostile forces are willing to make fabrications with a groundless explanation to impose corruption and embezzlement of some Party members upon the entire Communist Party. These hostile people have negated the Party’s achievements and history and impute all mistakes to the Communist Party of Vietnam.

For those whose opinions are dissimilar to the Party’s policies, it is might be their limited awareness or simple thinking, they do not belong to hostile forces.

We have to struggle, strongly criticise and not compromise with domestic and foreign wrong, hostile views, Nghia emphasised, adding that hostile forces use any cunning to undermine our revolutionary cause, sabotage the Party and State. Their ill intention remains unchanged.

For those who have just different opinions not hostile views, we have to argue and make it clear through dialogues, discussions and talks in the spirit of comradeship, solidarity and unanimity.

We criticise erroneous views, but not offend individuals. Through criticisms, we have to look back ourselves, review the implementation of the contents in the Party and State’s policies, helping improve the Party and State’s guidelines. As a result, criticism turns into self-criticism, Nghia affirmed.-VNA