Students with severe disabilities will be allowed to enter universities and colleges without taking examinations, according to a recent joint circular on educational policies.

Circular No 42/2013, which takes effect on March 5, was signed by the Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Finance.

The school admissions will be based upon candidates' school records in high school, as well as their health conditions and the requirements at each college and university.

The circular will be applied to students studying at public education units where people with disabilities are attending, educational and supportive centres for integrated development, as well as for disabled individuals and orgnisations. The circular will not be applied to those who study at vocational schools.

Admissions for students with disabilities will allow acceptance to schools for those who are three years older than the regulated age. They will receive direct admission to high schools, just as do ethnic minority students at boarding high schools and students from ethnic groups with small populations.

Students with severe disabilities will also enjoy supporting policies when registering to universities and colleges, in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Training's admission regulations for universities and colleges of regular systems.

Additionally, besides direct admissions, disabled students will be exempted from some subjects, be prioritised in studying results, tuition fees, scholarships and fees for learning tools.

People with disabilities who come from low-income families studying at educational establishments will receive a scholarship equivalent to 80 percent of their minimum incomes, in accordance with Government regulations from different periods.

People with disabilities who are prioritised for studying at universities or vocational schools will receive a 10-month scholarship each year.

Further, public education centres in which students with disabilities attend will be financially supported by the State with books, documents and learning tools.

They will also receive tuition fee exemptions and assistance in buying learning tools with 1,000,000 VND (47 USD) per term.

The students are to be exempted from some contents, subjects or activities in the curriculums and their studying results are to be evaluated with the purpose of encouraging their efforts.-VNA