In the journey to search for Cham culture, pottery is "key" to the material and spiritual life of people. Bau Truc in Ninh Thuan province is one of the two oldest pottery making villages in Southeast Asia. In the past, the whole village was enthusiastic about making pottery, but in the modern world, the traditional pottery profession here is facing many difficulties.


Previously in Bau Truc traditional pottery village, houses were bustling with pottery making. Although experiencing many ups and downs, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of creativity of artisans, the jars, pots, boilers, vases and statues were always full of life.

However, pottery makers are now old, so passing down the traditional occupation is a struggle.

According to artisans, the reason for this situation is because pottery making is very hard but the income is low, with a lack of investment capital and poor consumption. This has posed serious consequences for the pottery making village. 

Bau Truc traditional craft making pottery is the pride of Cham people in Ninh Thuan. However, due to many difficulties, the number of households pursuing the trade has decreased significantly. Three years ago, the whole village had more than 550 households making traditional pottery, now the number is only 150.

There is no link between pottery-making establishments to create products with good quality and beautiful patterns, so many ceramic products have not really attracted consumers. This is a challenge, a problem for Bau Truc pottery village that needs attention from local authorities.-VNA