Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has urged Vietnamese ambassadors and heads of Vietnamese representative agencies abroad to pay special attention to boosting economic cooperation with foreign countries.

The Prime Minister made the request while meeting with 33 newly accredited Vietnamese ambassadors and overseas head representatives in Hanoi on Mar. 8, before they left for their new tasks.

The ambassadors and heads of Vietnamese representative agencies abroad were urged to focus on expanding markets for Vietnamese products and labour, attracting investment and development assistance, promoting the nation’s tourism, as well as struggling to lift trade barriers against Vietnamese products.

They were asked to implement foreign policies of the Vietnamese Party and State and struggle to protect national sovereignty and interests and prevent activities of hostile forces, who take advantage of democracy, human rights and religion to interfere in Vietnam ’s internal affairs.

The PM required the ambassadors and head representatives to develop their role as messengers to promote the image of Vietnam to international friends and strengthen education cooperation and help Vietnamese students in foreign countries. He also asked them to protect the rights of Overseas Vietnamese and help them to integrate into local communities.

The Prime Minister took this occasion to praise efforts by the Foreign Ministry which worked closely with the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs and relevant agencies to bring Vietnamese workers in Libya home safely.

Ambassadors and overseas head representatives pledged to try their best to fulfil their tasks to contribute to boosting friendship and cooperation with other countries and constantly improve Vietnam’s position in the international arena./.