Excavation findings of Con Moong (beast) Cave in the central province of Thanh Hoa were announced at an international workshop there on October 30.

According to the Vietnam Archaeology Institute, Con Moong Cave in Thach Thanh district was discovered in 1975 and extensively excavated in the following years, containing traces of culture from the Palaeolithic Era (Old Stone Age) to the late Neolithic Era (New Stone Age).

In 2013, scientists found working tools, animal bones and molluscous (snail, crab) shells at ten different soil layers, mostly the tenth at the depth of 9.5 metres.

Con Moong Cave boasts one of the thickest cultural layers and well-preserved in Southeast Asia, indicating the constant development of human beings through periods.

In the coming time, the institute will continue working with the local authorities to do more research and seek measures to protect the vestige.-VNA