Illustrative photo (Photo: VNA)

Dak Lak (VNA) – Some experiences on and solutions to improving the quality of dissemination about the Party and State’s policies ethnic areas in the Central Highlands were shared at the a workshop in Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province on October 28.

Reports delivered at the event also focused on implementing the Party’s resolutions and instructions on dissemination and forecast, as well as general and specific matters for the Central Highlands, especially in ethnic areas.

Many participants stressed the need to improve the capacity of the staff involving in dissemination and popularisation of laws and policies of the Party and State to obtain high effectiveness in the work.

Besides, they said Central Highlands provinces and surrounding need to promote the work along with boosting socio-economic development, improving local people’s lives, ensuring social security and maintaining security-defence in their localities.

They should also pay heed to fighting distorted allegations by hostile forces as part of the dissemination work.

Experience on broadcasting radio programmes in local ethic languages in the Central Highlands region was introduced at the workshop. 

The workshop was organised by the Steering Committee for Central Highland Region in collaboration with the Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education.-VNA