Diva’s newest album remixes classical music hinh anh 1Diva My Linh and the band Anh Em have introduced the album Chat Voi Mozart 2, furthering their intention to bring classical music closer to mass audiences by making it easier to listen to (Photo courtesy of Linh Pham)

Hanoi (VNA) - Classic melodies by world-famous composers have been given a fresh new sound in the newest album of Vietnamese diva My Linh, titled Chat Voi Mozart 2 (Chat with Mozart 2), which was released last week.

After 12 years since the launch of her first volume Chat Voi Mozart 1 (Chat with Mozart 1), the new album expands on the goal of bringing classical music closer to mass audiences by making it easier to listen to.

A co-production between the diva and music band Anh Em, which consists of her husband, composer and music producer Anh Quan and some of her best friends, Chat Voi Mozart 2 features nine songs. The pieces are by Franz Lizst, Johann Sebastian Bach, Anton Rubinstein, Gabriel Fauré, Antonin Drorak, Frederic Chopin, Achille-Claude Debussy and Edward Elgar. The lyrics are by Linh herself and famous Vietnamese songwriter Duong Thu.

A member of the producing team, composer Huy Tuan, who was involved in both Chat Voi Mozart 1 and 2, said: “For most Vietnamese people, classical music is not easy to listen to. If we ‘transformed’ it into the form of a song, it might be accepted easily by mass audience. That idea pushed us to produce these albums.”   

Unlike Chat Voi Mozart 1 which featured remixed tunes in the genres of R&B and soul, the second volume has been remixed in blues and jazz styles.

Another difference is that while the lyrics of the first album are about humans and nature, those in Chat Voi Mozart 2 are about love, life and family, which are familiar with everyone. The lyrics also reflect the feelings and feminine viewpoint of a mature woman.

“At the age of forty-something, I have leant how to discard any worry and concern. And the best way to do that is to look for and dig down inner values,” said the diva.

“That’s why when I recorded this album, without any pressure and affectation, I sang freely and naturally,” she added.

Another outstanding feature of Chat Voi Mozart 2 is that the album is the first Vietnamese CD album applying Social Music – a modern application that offers people the chance to learn everything about the album through its QR code.

By scanning its QR code on any smart phone, people can get information about the album, the producing team and ‘behind the scenes’ stories. They can also share the album with friends and interact with diva My Linh. 

Together with the release of the CD, a limited number of LPs will also be introduced to music lovers this month. Furthermore, also at a press conference in Hanoi last week, diva Linh and her band Anh Em revealed they will hold a concert tour with stops in Hanoi, Da Nang and HCM City beginning in April.-VNA