Liang Yu from Sichuan, China, is excited and proud to make a mooncake all by herself in a cake making workshop in Hanoi.

Baked mooncake is a traditional sweet dish of Vietnam during Mid-Autumn Festival. The cake’s skin is made from wheat flour, while the fillings are a rich mixture of fat, sugar-preserved winter melon, lotus seed, char siu, etc., pressed in a mould.

All the ingredients must be measured carefully or the cake will not be in good quality. The learners must pay attention and follow each step meticulously.

“I think it requires certain techniques to make a dessert. The deliciousness of the dish depends much on how it was cooked,” Liang Yu said, adding that mooncake is not so difficult to make but it requires a certain amount of ability to make.

More than a month prior to the festivities, mooncakes are sold on every corner of the city. However, many Vietnamese people still want to make their own for their family. Mooncake workshops are held to cater this demand.

Homemade mooncake not only shows cooking talent but also creates a cozy atmosphere for family get-togethers. It also helps kids understand more about traditional values.

Dao Kim Loan, a parent from Hanoi, told reporter that her children are curious to know how the traditional cakes are made. That’s why she decided to take them to the workshop to see and learn how to make moon cake for themselves.

“I am sure the handmade cakes will be much tastier than ordinary ones,” she said.

For foreign people living in the country, this activity is a fun way to learn more about the cultural traditions of Vietnam.

The workshop helped Liang learn about the similarities and differences between Vietnamese and Chinese culinary.

“I also understand more about Vietnam and the country’s gastronomy,” she said.

According to Nguyen Thu Huyen, mooncake instructor, amidst a developing society, youths should preserve traditions and learn more about the country’s culture.

Huyen said she hopes that the mooncake making courses will help people learn about the tradition while serving as a gathering place to share experience.

The festive season is around the corner. And tasting a mooncake made by oneself will surely be a meaningful experience, helping spread joy and bringing people closer together.-VNA