Doctor who examines first COVID-19 patient in Hanoi shares his feelings hinh anh 1Doctor Saing Pisy (Photo: VietnamPlus) 

Hanoi, (VNA) – “I feel quite well right now, I am not worried or scared,” said Saing Pisy, the doctor who conducted examination for the first COVID-19 patient in Hanoi.

Hanoi recorded the first COVID-19 patient on March 6. The 26-year-old female patient, residing in Truc Bach ward, Ba Dinh district, returned from abroad and showed symptoms of coughing, fever and tiredness. She went to get a medical check at the Hong Ngoc General Hospital before being put in quarantine and testing positive for SARS-CoV-2.

At the Hong Ngoc hospital, Dr. Saing Pisy was the first doctor to directly examine the patient.

He recalled that he noticed the abnormal symptoms in the patient, and after looking back at her epidemiological records, he decided to send her to a specialised area for patients with acute respiratory symptoms, which is separate from other wards.

After the initial examination, the patient was told to take a blood test, a lung X-ray and an ear-nose-throat endoscopy. The X-ray image showed a blurred area at the bottom of the right lung. As a result, Saing Pisy concluded that the patient should be monitored for acute pneumonia.

The patient was then immediately transferred to the second facility of the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, in accordance with earlier guidance of the Health Ministry.

The doctor said throughout the process of examination, he strictly followed the procedures prescribed by the Health Ministry, such as wearing a KF94 Korea medical mask, gloves and protective eyeglasses in order to keep the risk of cross-transmission to the minimum.

After examining the patient, Saing Pisy instructed the sterilization of all clothes, medical equipment and places where the patient had been to in the hospital.

All doctors and nurses who had direct contact with the patient were also put under quarantine at the second facility of the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, thus ensuring safety for themselves as well as those around them amid the high risks of the dangerous epidemic.

“In any circumstances, with confidence and high caution, I have always been strong, optimistic with a belief that I can win over the disease. I also want to pass my optimism to others, helping them feel assured amid the complicated developments of the pandemic. If we actively and fully observe the recommendations of the Health Ministry, the pandemic will soon be put under control, and we can continue with our normal life,” Saing Pisy said.

He also delivered a message to those who live in the same residential area with him. “Dear residents in T18, first of all, let me and my wife apologise for what has happened that caused anxiety to you. At present I feel quite well, I am not worried or scared,” he said.

“After examined the patient, I told my wife about the case, as well as the need to self-quarantine at home and constantly wear a face mask, so I don’t fell worried or scared,” Saing Pisy said.

At around 5:45 pm on March 6, he left his home in T18 for quarantine at Hong Ngoc hospital and then at the second facility of the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Kim Chung. His two children had left to visit their maternal grandparents earlier.

Saing Pisy shared his thought that he always believes that one good turn deserves another. “I hope, and believe that Vietnam will overcome and do better than what we have done so far with solidarity, so that the world will take off their hats to a united, and safe Vietnam,” he said.

The female patient in Truc Bach was the 17th COVID-19 infection case in Vietnam. The previous 16 patients have been successfully cured and discharged from hospital./.