The Da Nang Women’s Hospital is a unique hospital that provides free treatment to poor women with gynaecological diseases.

Established in 2009 by the Da Nang City Association for Supporting Poor and Disadvantaged Women and Children, the hospital has 109 members of staff and 50 beds across six wards with modern equipment.

Poor patients with health insurance will be offered an 80 percent reduction of hospital fees, while poor people living with cancer or in special difficulty will receive free treatment.

To date, nearly 9,900 poor women have benefited from the hospital with total reduced hospital charges of up to 3.6 billion VND.

Annually, the hospital coordinates with local charity associations to provide free check-ups for poor women in the city.

The hospital’s director Pham Chi Kong said the number of beds is expected to rise to 300 in 2017.

Around 30,000 women in Da Nang live in poverty, with limited access to health care services.

Meanwhile, in the central province of Phu Yen, a kind-hearted doctor has been helping children with disabilities over the past 13 years. The house of Doctor Tran Ngoc Quy in Hiep Hoa Bac commune, Dong Hoa district has become a rehabilitation centre for the children, who come from across the country.

From 5am to 7am and from 6pm to 9pm everyday, Quy is busy in his 20 square metre house with patients who have polio, sciatica, muscle pain, bone-related diseases and “twin language” disorder.

The remaining time of each day he works at the Phu Yen Association of Supporting the Disabled and Orphans.

He charges a very low fee to his patients, and is ready to give free treatment to the homeless elderly, the poor and children with disabilities.

Quy also work to raise money to present scholarships and gifts to children who are poor or have disabilities with outstanding academic achievements.

This year, the doctor will partner with the provincial Department of War, Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs to organise vocational classes in tailoring and ornamental plant growing for people in particular difficulty.

Quy graduated from the traditional medicine department of Ho Chi Minh City Medical School in 1995. Later he studied acupuncture under Professor Nguyen Tai Thu in Hanoi from 200-2007.

The doctor said he hopes to have a larger clinic to provide better care for his patients.-VNA