The journey of organs being shipped nationwide for transplants is considered a race against death angel to win the life of patients back. During 2018, three furious races like that were conducted at Hue Central Hospital in Thua Thien-Hue province. In all the races, doctors won.

Every month, Hue Central Hospital provides medical checkup and consultancy for these organ transplant patients.

Nearly one year after the operations, doctor Pham Nhu Hiep can still recall any details from the races against the death to win patients’ life back. According to him, the most important factors of the transplants with tissues being shipped across Vietnam is the cooperation among every working group, from transport to operation.

Hue Central Hospital has successfully performed 700 cases of kidney transplants and five heart transplants. The hospital has paid heed to improving infrastructure and doctors’ capacity to perform sophisticated transplants.

Trans-provincial organ transplants are considered a giant leap of Vietnam’s health care sector. Besides technical and technological capability, the transplants also proved the smooth cooperation and organisation of hospitals, as well as devotion of doctors when it comes to saving patients’ life.-VNA