Six documentaries on national defence and construction will be screened from January 20-22 to mark the success of the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

The selected documentaries include films shot from the ‘60s of the 20 th as well as those made in 2010.

A 40 minute film of “Images of Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary life” made in 1960 has recalled the revered CPV founder’s activities at home and abroad from 1920 till 1960.

The documentary won the Golden Lotus award at the second national film festival in 1973.

“The South is in my heart”, of the same length, confirmed the Party’s stance that the southern region is always integral to Vietnam . It also told a moving story about President Ho Chi Minh’s deep feelings for the south, which were reflected in his famous saying “The South is always in my hear”.

Director Hong Ha shot the film in 1976, just one year after the American war came to an end, as a tribute to the late President Ho Chi Minh who longed for the national reunification.

There is another film about Ho Chi Minh, which won the Golden Lotus award at the ninth national film festival in 1990.

General Vo Nguyen Giap, the famous commander in chief of Vietnam ’s People’s Army, is also highlighted at the festival through “General Vo Nguyen Giap, a century-a life”. The documentary recalled the considerable contributions to the two wars against French and US invaders the nation’s hero made, who turned 100 years old last October.

The remaining two films feature the contributions that CPV member have made to the national liberation and construction./.