The contributions of generations of soldiers who built and protected the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail during the American War are being honoured in a TV documentary series.

The 120-part series, Tro Lai Truong Son Huyen Thoai (Returning to the Legendary Truong Son Trail), helps young people understand the strategic reinforcements made on the Truong Son Trail for the front line in the great resistance war.

The film focuses on the sacrifices of young soldiers on the Truong Son Trail, the strategic road through jungles for supplying and transporting weapons, goods, food, and military supplies from the north to the south.

Produced by HTV's Television Film Studio (TFS), the film's first part aired on HTV9 last year after four years of filming. It quickly made waves among viewers, particularly students.

"Audiences can see Truong Son soldiers' love for the country and its people come alive again through the talks by veteran revolutionaries and researchers highlighted in our film," said Viet Binh, the film's director.

Binh and his three cameramen spent days travelling 5,000km and working at many of the spots where soldiers worked, including Central Highland provinces like Gia Lai, Lam Dong, Kon Tum and Dak Lak. They also visited central provinces of Quang Binh, Quang Tri and Nghe An, where fierce battles occurred.

"The use of live footage and detailed reports help the audience gain a deeper understanding of the country's greatest victories," said Binh.

The film's highlights include beautiful landscapes and scenes of daily life, including remote villages and local activities. The film is broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10.30pm on HTV7.-VNA