The reunification of Vietnam following the liberation of the South on April 30, 1975, has been recounted to European audiences after a documentary film was shown on Belgian Arte media on April 14.

The film “Vietnam, Dirty War” begins with the secret negotiation in Paris, France on February 21 st , 1970 between special envoys from Vietnam and the US. It was these talks which culminated in the signing of the Paris agreement in January 1973 and brought national reunification two years later.

Through access to rare documents and archive footage, film-maker Daniel Roussel has brought these historic moments alive, highlighting the strained but gentle atmosphere surrounding the crucial discussions.

The documentary aims to create a deeper understanding about the diplomatic policy of Henry Kissinger, a national security adviser to US President Richard Nixon, and Le Duc Tho, a key leader of Vietnamese revolution.

The documentary film won award in the Pessac Historical Film Festival.-VNA