The domestic gold price plummeted to 36.6 million VND per tael (1,756.8 USD) on June 27, a record low since March 2011, as gold on the world market continued its downward trend.

Gold prices dropped 900,000 VND (43.2 USD) per tael compared to June 26 and by 2.8 million VND (134.4 VND) from the end of last week.

In Ho Chi Minh City, gold at the Saigon Jewellery Company (SJC) was bought at 36 million VND (1,728 USD) per tael and sold for 36.6 million VND (1,756.8 USD) per tael.

Meanwhile in Hanoi, a tael of SJC gold was priced at 36.1 million VND (1,732.8 USD) for buying and 36.6 million USD (1,756.8 USD) for selling.

At the same time in Europe, the metal was set at 1,238.4 USD an ounce.-VNA