A circus program "The memories live on" is taking place with the first show themed "Truong Son Memory", bringing the audience back to the war through circus art.

The program is to mark 72 years of War Invalids - Martyrs' Day and 60 years of the legendary Truong Son trail. The highlight of the program is the opening scene depicting the female volunteers at Dong Loc T-junction. Through the language of the circus art, the girls displayed extremely refined acrobatics skills to recreate the moments of life and death.

In addition to the opening scene, many other performances portray the skills of performers such as balancing techniques on the ladder, or on the strings. These performances pay homage to the legendary Truong Son battlefield, enabling audiences to relive through that precarious time of sacrifice.

The circus program "The memories live on" was written and staged by the elite artist Tong Toan Thang, with the participation of artists from three delegations of the Vietnam Circus Federation. The show will continue till July 27.VNA