The southern province of Dong Nai has approved an overall economic restructuring project in harmony with boosting green growth and raising its competitive edge by 2020.

Under the plan, as many as 95-100 percent of local enterprises and manufacturers will apply advanced waste treatment technologies. All waste generated from residential areas, hospitals and industrial parks must be treated.

To reach the goals, the province plans to prioritise environmentally friendly investment projects, said Le Viet Hung, Director of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Since 2012, the province has installed automated waste water observing stations in its industrial parks. This helps prohibit pollutants released by enterprises.

More than 77 billion VND (3.63 million USD) has been poured from the provincial budget into building 13 stations, while four others were invested by local businesses, Hung added.

As many as 25 out of the province’s 28 IPs are effectively running large-scale waste treatment systems, while in July, the Ong Keo and Thanh Phu IPs expect to put into operation their own waste treatment systems. The province aims for all of its IPs to have such systems.

Dong Nai has also been keen on tackling small-sized enterprises whose production causes serious harm to the local environment.

In addition to the existing seven waste treatment areas, the province is set to invest in building two more ones in the near future, aiming to treat all waste generated in the locality.

The province is focusing on tackling and wiping out 25 temporary dumping grounds by the end of this year, and building a system designed to track the generation of solid waste and stone exploitation.

It is expected that a global positioning system (GPS) programme will be put into operation to check the route of waste transporting vehicles, the official revealed.

He stressed Dong Nai will publicise strict measures to handle pollution and any information related to fines imposed on firms whose production activities harm the local environment.-VNA