Companies in Dong Nai province are faced with a serious labour shortage as orders for the rest of the year are increasing, according to the province's Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

The department's initial report shows that more than 30,000 workers are needed in the textiles, footwear and wood processing industries. For the last three months, Dong Nai-based Binh Tien Co Ltd, which produces footwear, has tried to recruit 2,000 manual labourers, but has only been able to employ a few hundred.

Ngo Hoang Ho, manager of the Vietnam NOK OC Ltd, which produces oil sealant, said most labourers were not qualified. His company employs about 500 new workers each year.

Even though his company must retrain labourers for a three-month period, it still has a high worker attrition rate.

Only 15 employees of a total of a few hundred who are trained remain at the company.

Dang Vu Anh, a human resources representative for Mabuchi Motor Vietnam Co Ltd, said the company had been unable to fill its annual need for 120 employees.

Lam Duy Tin, the department's deputy head, said that low salaries were also to blame.

In addition, because many industrial parks have been built in provinces and cities, there are too many companies competing for employees.

"If companies in Dong Nai province do not improve working conditions as well as salaries and allowance policies, recruitment will remain difficult," Tin said.

Currently, Dong Nai province has more than 1,000 foreign-direct investment projects, attracting nearly 400,000 labourers./.