The authorities of southern Dong Nai province will meet owners of businesses which suffered damage from recent disturbances to inform them of the State’s support policies.

According to the provincial Labour Federation, the dialogues will take place at the Nhon Trach, Bien Hoa, Tam Phuoc Industrial Zones and others in Trang Bom and Long Thanh districts between May 30 and June 10.

Through the events, the authorised agencies will study the damage incurred by businesses and listen to their feelings and aspirations while helping grassroots-level trade union organisations understand the importance of improving the quality of the investment environment.

Employees will be made better aware of the need to protect businesses and production facilities in order to maintain the stable and sustainable socio-economic development.

Since spontaneous anti-China parades earlier this month, the federation has organised 16 talks to provide information on the sea and island situation and disseminate the laws for more than 55,000 workers, said its Vice Chairman, Tang Quoc Lap.

To prevent similar social disorder from reoccurring, he said his organisation has worked with business leaders to build a core workforce, including workers with high skills and firm political knowledge. They are expected to greatly contribute to encouraging workers to abide by the policies of the Party and the law of the State.

Workers will be encouraged to promote their national pride by ignoring the plots of hostile forces, allowing Vietnam to firmly safeguard its sea and island sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The disturbances erupted during workers’ rallies in protest of China’s illegal placement of its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou – 981 in Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone from early May.

Some extremists incited others to destroy property of foreign firms as well as of the State, businesses and individuals, and acted against law enforcement officials, disrupting social order and business activities.

Thanks to the government’s timely interference, most affected companies have resumed operations and social order and security has been restored.

Dong Nai authorities have so far commenced legal proceedings against 241 arrestees involved in 22 criminal cases of “causing social disturbance”, “destroying property,” “stealing property,” “openly appropriating property,” and “resisting against on-duty officials”.-VNA