As Buddhists nationwide are celebrating Lord Buddha’s 2557th birthday , t he Dong Nai chapter of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha has responded with numerous social and charitable activities.

It has spent the raised 3.2 billion VND (about 152,000 USD) buying gifts and building houses for the poor and social policy beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the dignities hosted requiems to pray peace for souls and pay tribute to heroic martyrs who scarified their lives for the national independence at provincial and district martyrs’ cemeteries.

Flower carriages in tribute to Lord Buddha will parade along main thoroughfares in Bien Hoa, Long Khanh and Xuan Loc districts on May 23 (the 14 th day of April in the lunar month).

On this occasion, local leaders of all socio-political organisations sent congratulatory messages to Buddhist dignitaries and followers, informing them of the provincial socio-economic development situation and noting their positive contributions to the course in the past time.

Apart from Dong Nai, a broad range of activities to celebrate Buddha’s birth anniversary has been taking place in other localities nationwide.

Ho Chi Minh City is introducing local residents to Buddhist culture and fine art heritages via two exhibitions showcasing hundreds of artifacts, Buddhist statues and worshipping objects.

Earlier, on May 16, eight Buddhist records selected by the Vietnam Guinness Book Centre were announced.-VNA