Southern Dong Nai Province's Department of Industry and Trade has reported that the local export turnover surpassed 5.3 billion USD in the first half of this year, or a year-on-year rise of 200 million USD.

Exports recording high growth included computers, electronics, footwear and garments and textiles.

However, most agricultural products declined in revenue year-on-year, especially coffee exports which were down 52 percent. Provincial major export markets were still the US , Japan and China.

During the first six months of the year, Dong Nai imported products worth over 5.4 billion USD, mainly were tobacco materials, plastics, machinery, iron and steel.

For three consecutive months since January, Dong Nai ran a trade surplus; and in the past three month, it saw a trade deficit.

According to the provincial Industry and Trade Department, Dong Nai had more than 1,000 operating foreign-invested enterprises which contributed more than 70 percent of the total provincial industrial production value.

To achieve the target of total export turnover for the year, which was an increase of 12-15 percent compared with 2012, the province would have to earn more than 6.7 billion USD in the second half of the year, the department said.

Dong Nai will continue to boost trade and investment promotion as planned, speed up exports of key agricultural and processing products, and focus on emergent markets like India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
The provincial Industry and Trade Department helps local businesses to participate in international fairs and trade workshop in Laos in July, a trade fair in Cambodia and a wood products and handicrafts fair in Germany in September, as well as trade promotion activities in Dubai this year.-VNA