The southern province of Dong Nai has ratified a project to develop eco-industrial parks (EIP) until 2020, with a vision towards 2025, aiming to expand the environmental industry into a high-profit sector.

Under the project, the province will prepare specific plans to establish eco-industrial parks and clusters in close connection with its realistic conditions between next year and 2015.

Besides the sustainable use and renewal of natural resources, Dong Nai is expected to increase the number of environmentally friendly businesses and organisations that apply advanced technologies in environmental protection by 2015.

Priorities will be given to the promotion of environmental consulting services, the building of works to limit environmental pollution, waste recycling and clean energy.

The province also encourages local enterprises to invest in researching and producing equipment to constrain environmental pollution and develop a waste treatment system.

In the coming time, many eco-industrial clusters will be established at existing parks which have not yet attracted investment such as Ho Nai, Song May and An Phuoc Industrial Parks.-VNA