The southern province of Dong Nai exported nearly 438,000 tonnes of coffee in 2014, tripling the previous year’s figure, according to the provincial Statistics Department.

With an average price of over 1,200 USD per tonne, coffee exports brought 560 million USD to the province, added the department.

Quanh Van Duc, General Director of Tin Nghia Company, one of the two large coffee exporters in the province, said that during the 2013-2014 crop, the firm shipped nearly 117,000 tonnes of coffee abroad and earned 226 million USD, representing 109.2 percent and 119 percent of its yearly targets, respectively.

He revealed that the company has linked with around 1,100 farmer households in Xuan Loc and Cam My districts to produce coffee on 1,000 ha in accordance with the international 4C Code of Conduct.

By the end of 2014, Vietnam had approximately 19,000 farmers growing coffee under 4C standard as part of the NESCAFÉ Plan project funded by Nestlé Vietnam Ltd., up 51 percent compared to the previous year.

Coffee grown under this standard now covers an area of 20,000 ha, doubling the 2013 area.

The 4C Code of Conduct is a baseline standard for sustainability in the coffee sector. The code comprises 28 social, environmental and economic principles for the sustainable production, processing and trading of green coffee.-VNA